Mona,ltd employs the world’s best designers and craftsmen to create the best 925 silver jewelry for your brand.

we offer these services

ideas to real product

If you need your design to be made, we can do that as well as advise you on the best design and component

THOUSAND of designs 

From vintage earring to modern style for chic customer. We supply for all type of customers from Kids (under 12),
Teen (13-16), Young Adult (17-20),
Adult (20+). Click here to see 

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skilled craftsmen

We have 25+ years of extensive experience creating and making jewelry.
Our workforce are ready to face any challenges with confidence and swiftness

With 24 years of experience, we have built a massive collection, ranging from antique styles to contemporary designs, to appeal to all ages. We are now expanding our design team from local to international in order to respond to trends worldwide.

We do quality checks at every step of the process, from casting down to packing your products ready for dispatch. We check for weight loss, chemical impurities and defects in the making. Less than 2% of our products fail quality our checks, and we never see any rejections from our customers.

We also conducted substance tests on regular


Since 1989, Mona has supplied of silver jewellery worldwide, from Germany and France to the UK, to Japan and America. Today, we have renovated our production facilities and improved our production capabilities to 100,000 pieces per week.


Whether by Sea or by Air, our logistics team is ready to sort out the paper work for you. Having an in-house logistics team, we can guarantee that your order will be delivered to its destination on time. We also use international courier services such as FedEx, DHL or UPS - just tell us what's best for you.